Earth Brew

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Earth brew drinking chocolate blocks have been subjected to only time, heat and the spices of the island. This allows you to taste the natural, earthy, fermented flavors of the cocoa bean and experience what Grenadians have known for centuries: Chocolate in its simplest form offers the most complex taste. Even though we’re a small island, Grenada is an international recognized producer and supplier of cocoa. Our product is sourced from local farmers whom are accepted by the Grenada Cocoa Association.

The story of Grenadian chocolate goes back to 1714, when cocoa trees were first introduced to the island. The industry grew to the point that, by the 1760s, Grenada was the largest producer and exporter of cocoa, responsible for about 50 percent of British West Indian cocoa exports. In 1772, Grenada exported 343,400 pounds of cocoa.

But while Grenada’s colonial history was filled with cocoa growing, for centuries, little of it actually found its way into chocolate. That concentration of growers and producers has made Grenada into what’s almost certainly the Caribbean capital of chocolate, with an industry that isn’t just world-class in quality but also decidedly tourist friendly. (There’s even an annual Grenada Chocolate Fest that includes seminars, farm tours, street food, beach parties and even chocolate beer.)

Grenada’s cocoa industry is an organic, energetic, creative thing, a meaningful, ethical contribution to the island’s economy and something that, most importantly, is all about the people who make it.