About Us


The business, Earth Brew is located in Westerhall, St. David and is owned by the husband and wife duo, Curt Edwards and Giselle Whiteman-Edwards.   

The concept for this business stemmed from a dream on the part of the owners to market and share drinking chocolate the way most Grenadians enjoy it – roasted, ground and infused with spices.   

Currently the business is run by both Curt Edwards, business man and Giselle Whiteman-Edwards, legal counsel. 

Sourcing produce

Cocoa Earth Brew is currently negotiating to lease property from L.A. Purcell & Co Ltd for the purpose of reaping cocoa for processing at their Plaissance estate. In the event the Plaissance estate is unable to meet the supply, dried cocoa shall be purchased from the Grenada Cocoa Association 

Spices Nutmeg is also to be purchased from L.A. Purcell & Co Ltd and cinnamon and bay-leaf from the farm of Dr. Lindwall Thomas at Mt. Anon St. Davids. 

It is the intention of Earth Brew for all ingredients used in our product to be traced directly back to its source. This serves as both a measure of pride and to ensure consistent quality. 

Target market

The intended market for the drinking cocoa is an international one although we fully intend to capitalize on the hotel and hospitality businesses in Grenada. 

Your average Grenadian is already knowledgeable about local drinking cocoa but internationally that type of drinking beverage has not caught on. Dark full and fine flavor cocoa has been receiving prominent press recently and Grenada’s dark chocolate has seen the benefit of increased consumption of chocolate bars.

Most hot chocolate consumed in American cafes are made with powdered cocoa powder that is either processed or made lesser quality chocolate. The recent trend in cafes and coffee shops is to tout a farm to table business model emphasizing the untouched natural quality of foods.